About LTJ Builders

Remodeling & Custom Home Builder Located in Centralia Washington

LTJ Builders Inc. is a General Contractor licensed and bonded in the State of Washington under Contractor #LTJBU**282KN and chartered as an S-Corporation in the State of Washington under UBI #600 068 233. We were established in 1972 and have done continuous business since that time. We offer a full range of contracting services including but not limited to the following:

For those areas not handled directly by our crew we have a well established network of sub-contractors with which we have long standing relationships. LTJ can literally provide all the services needed on any project, from the bare ground to turnkey.

Some of our recent projects include:

Additional references:

Facts about LTJ Builders:

We stress pride in, and quality of, workmanship. While we strive to finish all projects in the most economically efficient means, we will never do so by cutting corners or using inferior materials.

LTJ is a drug-free company.

We have never had a claim on our bond, been sued by a customer, vendor or government entity or defaulted on an obligation in 40 years of doing business.